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I believe ‘Logo Grid Systems’ are a must if you’re into logo design. Although not all grids you can trust 100% optically, so it’s sometimes needed to change parts by eye too. It has to look good too!

آب تصفیه صنعتی

لوگو پلاس


If you are a computer repair salesman, and I tell you to make videos about how to repair computers, you might think of it as losing business. You’re probably thinking: “How does teaching my customers how to solve their problems for free get me more customers?” But the truth is this: you’ll get all the sales in the end.

Something that a lot of you aren’t understanding about the content business is that you’re in it for the long run. It’s a long term game. When you throw your jabs, you’re not just putting out content for the sake of it. You’re not doing it just to bait your customer into a right hook and make a quick buck. You’re building trust and leverage. …

I hope these examples gave you a nice insight on how I like to work and what a simple construction gives your logo designs. Keep in mind that good logo design is all in the details. I prefer my Logos to be simple, attractive and sometimes with the power to tell a story you somehow need to discover. So make a concept that is worth looking at and don’t feel too generic (which isn’t easy).

Please give this post a if you liked it. If there are questions please let me know in comments below and start a conversation with me.


طراحی سایت در خوزستان

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